About Us

145e-cropped.jpgMeet the Owner, Joni Kilgus

Owning a boutique was always an interest of mine but I have three kids. When my youngest started kindergarten in 2016, I felt like it was time to follow a dream of mine when the store was for sale. I was starting to think what the next step in my life would be and when I saw the business was for sale, it felt meant to be. As someone who loves this town, being born and raised here, I felt like these small boutique shops are part of the answer to keeping small towns growing. I wanted to do my part to be a part of that for Fairbury. Joni spent time with family and friends remodeling and revamping the home converted into a store, reopening under new ownership on November 22, 2016.

Meet the Website Manager, Amber Barsema

When my sister Joni approached me about creating and managing an online portion of the store, I had no idea what to expect. We created and went live with the website in June and have since had great support locally and our presence is expanding throughout the United States.